X-Mas Lights Factor

She may not have enough ‘X-Factor’ to win a prime-time karaoke telly show but that’s not stopping ‘X-Factor’ reject Lucie Jones (is it too soon to be calling Lucie Jones an X-Factor reject yet? No, thought not,) lining up a series of big Christmas lights switch-ons. When we say ‘big’, we mean small and when we say ‘lined-up’ we mean two.

The X-Factor reject, who was booted out of the show on Sunday (8 Nov) after Simon Cowell took the controversial decision to save X-Factor ‘hopefuls’ John & Edward has been confirmed as the headline celebrity/reject who will switch on the Stockport and Preston Christmas lights.

Other big name celebrities on the bill include former X-Factor rejects Daniel and Laura White. So if you’re in either Stockport tomorrow (11 Nov) or Preston on Saturday (14 Nov) be sure to pop on down for a couple of evenings of showbiz fun.

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