Worst Christmas Gifts

You may be wishing for a new gadget, a good read, or your two front teeth this Christmas. But since no one gets everything he or she wishes for, brace yourself. You might just get one of these dreaded Christmas gifts on our list.

  • Home-knitted jumpers. Sure, receiving gifts with a personal touch is heart-warming. But the warmth fizzles out if you keep receiving knitted jumpers with the same design every year. Even Ron Weasley got tired of it.
  • Deodorant. Some people may honestly mean well in giving out deodorant. But good intentions or not, deodorant as gift sends out the rude message: “You’re smelly.”
  • Socks. Socks are simply not gifts. Period.
  • Piggy banks. Though some of these plump thingies are cute, they are really meant more for tots. If you think saving loose change in piggy bank’s supposed to make someone feel professional about handling his or her money—think again.
  • Cheap wine. If you prefer to save on Christmas gifts, forget about wine. Cheap wine tastes like vinegar, so giving this as gift will only disappoint.
  • Christmas decorations. Nobody wants to receive gifts that can only be used once a year!

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