Winning Christmas stocking present ideas

One of the best things about Christmas is the great little gifts you get in your stocking. We're all familiar with the saying 'good things come in small packages', so it is a great opportunity to fill the stockings with some real top drawer gifts! You can pack just about anything in a decent size stocking so what should you buy?

Our guide to stocking fillers

  • Mobile Phones - These are the perfect stocking filler nowadays. They are small and they have a real wow factor as a gift. With phones that can do just about everything, a present like the iPhone or a Windows Phone 7 will really put a smile on peoples faces.
  • MP3 players - Just like phones, these are an absolutely perfect stocking filler. They are available in many slim and stylish varieties, but the one every one wants is an iPod Nano. With the redesign of the original Nano making the MP3 player even more compact and slick, this really is a cool piece of tech. They are now tiny little clip-on devices that can be attached to a bag strap, lapel or anything about an inch in width.
  • GPS - If it's for dad, then a GPS might really be appreciated. They are now tiny and could easily cram into a Christmas stocking. Never again will you have to be lost for hours on holidays thanks to this fantastic gift.
  • Vouchers - A really good set of vouchers for a great store are often much better gifts than actually buying the person clothes, which they will secretly return within a month. This give them the ability to pick out exactly what they want, guilt-free, and get the most out of your gift.

That's it, a few great stocking filler ideas for your consideration.

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