Who Deserves a Full Stocking from Santa this Year?

They’ve been good (not to mention successful) the entire year, so they can expect a full stocking from Santa Claus this Christmas. Here are this year’s three remarkable people who made it to Santa’s ‘nice’ list.

  • Barack Obama. He not only exalted the African-American race by winning the US Presidential Elections, but brought new hope to Americans who slumped in an unsettling economic crisis. Obama’s natural charm, wit, and strong programs such as implementing a social safety net for the poor, pursuing universal health care, and eradicating senior citizens’ taxes catapulted him to the presidency and endeared him to many.
  • Britney Spears. After an intense celebrity meltdown that crashed her career and resulted in her losing custody of her two sons, it looks like Britney has finally come to her senses. With her father Jamie Spears now acting as her main guardian, Britney got back on track with a critically acclaimed new album, chart-topping hits with sizzling hot music videos, and an upcoming tour, “The Circus.” The pop star princess has definitely mellowed down and transformed from being naughty to nice, and for her unbelievable effort, she deserves a full stocking from Santa and a second shot at the music biz.
  • Stephenie Meyer. She brought us Twilight and its lovely and loveable characters, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, reason enough for her to receive gifts this Christmas. But Stephenie Meyer’s astonishing transition from being a nondescript English major (who happened to dream about a vampire falling in love with a human) to a best-selling author is what captivates us most, and the main reason why she gets a full stocking this year.

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