What’s Hot, What’s Not for Christmas Fashion 2008

Don’t let Santa’s tight-fitting, red jumpsuit and Rudolph’s red nose steal all the attention this Christmas! Party in style this season and avoid Christmas fashion boo-boos with these fashion tips!

What’s Hot:

  • Sexy and classy dresses that emphasize the waist. Show off your curves this Christmas with winter fashion’s latest trend! Curvy dresses or dresses with cinched waists and belts are as hot as chestnuts roasting on an open fire this season with their sexy and edgy style. With this sizzling fashion trend, you won’t need to bare and risk frost bite just to make a fashion statement! Grab a dress that highlights your waist, and you’ll surely dazzle just like the star of Bethlehem.
  • Winter coats. Jack Frost nipping at your nose this winter season? Freeze in style with trendy designer coats. Marc Jacob’s Classic Wool Trench Coat with huge buttons and a waist belt is a must-buy for its classic and smart design. Be as bright as Christmas displays with Versace Runway Wool Coat and Dior Eclipse Swing Coat which come in vibrant red and pink.
  • Everything Plaid. As renowned fashion designer Thomas Fazakas said, “Fashion has gone mad for plaid—the bigger and brighter, the bolder the statement!” Whether you’re wearing a plaid coat, top, dress, or pants, you’re sure to make headlines this Christmas season!
  • Purple Pleasure. Christmas gets “purpler” this year as the fashion industry indulges in the purple pleasure. Romp through the snowy streets like royalty in this colour of nobility.

What’s Not

  • Boldly patterned Band-Aids. Although lots of men today sport Band-Aids with bold patterns, deeming it as an important accessory, these bandages are a big no-no. Wearing Band-aids all over your body makes a huge statement all right; one that says you’ve just fallen off the stairs or been in a motorcycle accident.
  • Tights. Although this fashion item has popped on and off the runway, it’s better to keep them in your closet this Christmas. Too much of something is bad, and this year, you know everyone’s had enough of this Peter Pan-inspired garment.
  • Mini skirt. Unless you want to freeze to death this Christmas, lay off the mini skirt, which is obviously just for the scorching hot seasons.

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