What type of Christmas tree is best?

Every year Christmas brings with it a big decision: To buy a real Christmas tree or not? Today we finally answer that age-old question. The Christmas tree comes in many shapes and sizes, yet more and more people seem to go for the artificial as the years pass, why?

  • Longevity - With an artificial tree only one purchase needs to be made. You can then store the tree in the attic until the next year. A real tree will only provide a few weeks use before it must go in the bin. Disposal of a real tree is also problematic, especially considering it will likely be shedding by the time January comes along.
  • Safety - This is another selling point for artificial trees. Most artificial trees are now fully fire resistant, providing peace of mind for you and your family. We don't mean to give real trees a bad rep though, they're very hard to set alight until they begin to turn brown.
  • Smell - Nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree in your house. It fills the room with the scent of pine, evoking memories of Christmas' past. While it is possible to but scented artificial trees, there's no beating the real deal.

Artificial trees may have some great advantages, but there really is no competition, real is always best and this applies to just about everything.

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