Wacky and Strange Christmas Gifts

Tired of giving out the same Christmas gifts every year? Guess what, your recipients are probably tired of them too! So for an exciting Christmas this year, why not churn out these wacky and strange Christmas gifts?

  • Manual of Things That Might Kill You. Show your concern for your loved ones with a splash of humour by giving them the book, The Complete Manual of Things that Might Kill You (A Guide to Self-Diagnosis for Hypochondriacs). You can give other books with wacky titles, too, such as How to Traumatize Your Children and How to Make People Think You’re Normal. They might not be touched, but they’ll surely be amused!
  • Boyfriend Arm Pillow. Got a girl friend without a boyfriend? Remind her that she’s not alone, and she’ll never sleep by herself again with this Boyfriend Arm Pillow. Designed to look like a man’s arm, anyone can snuggle under it and be comforted after a rotten day. It’s available in different fun wear versions.
  • Pole Dancer Alarm Clock. This will surely rouse your male friends from their sleep! Blaring racy music plays and lights blaze as the sexy pole dancer twists and twirls seductively around her pole. There’s one catch though; with this sensual delight, your guy friends might think they’re still dreaming!
  • Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser. Your friends will have an oozing bathroom fun with this huge nose shower gel dispenser. Hang this giant running nose on the bathroom wall, squeeze or press the nose, and out comes from the right nostril the oozy stuff … that is the shower gel! You can pick the shower gel’s colour, too. This dispenser can be attached to any flat surface and is easily refillable.
  • Christmas Story Leg Lamp. A certified best-seller, this lamp catches everyone’s attention with its stem shaped as a woman’s leg with a fish net stocking and black pointed shoe. A replica from the classic Christmas movie A Christmas Story, this one-metre leg lamp is sure to make your holidays merry! You can buy the cheaper version, which measures 0.508 metres.
  • Octodog Frankfurter Converter. Christmas dinners will be more fun and kids will have a blast with this wacky gadget that turns Franks into octopuses! Just insert a hotdog to the Octodog, push it down, and you’ll get an octopus-looking hotdog. Perfect for family picnics!

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