Top Toy Presents for Christmas 2008

There’s a bunch of cool toys that make awesome gifts for kids for the 2008 holiday season. Both boys and girls will have the time of their lives spending hours of fun, playing with the new toys of 2008.

For boys, the Eyeclops Night Vision goggles are a must-have. Playing hide and seek at night will be never be the same with this affordable yet durable spy-toy.

The NERF Vulcan gun is a dart cannon that fires 25 darts at speeds of up to three darts per second! Better than a video game, the NERF N-Strike Vulcan is perfect for war games of Cowboys and Indians or Colonial Marines versus Alien Hordes. Kids will be running around and having fun, with the safety only NERF toys can give. Buy two of the cannons and have a blast playing live-action, first-person-shooter.

For kids who just got to have LEGO, the Star Wars Motorized Walking AT-AT creation set is the best gift they can get. The all-new power functioning system enables the AT-AT to walk backwards and forwards, and even move its head up and down. Kids will have great fun assembling this ultimate ground assault vehicle from Episode V: Empire Strikes Back. The AT-AT requires six “AA” batteries, which is included in the package, so kids can have fun instantly once the walker is assembled.

For girls, the Hannah Montana toy range is all the rage, especially the miniature Hannah Montana Beach House. There are several fashionable Hannah Montana Rocker Action Figures to complete the collection of die-hard fans.

Other hot dolls for Christmas are the Jack Skellington and Sally plush toys from the animated film Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Nintendo Wii has proven to be the best gaming console designed for kids of any age. Instead of sitting for hours while playing, the Wii allows players to perform energetic movements and interact with the game. The best game for this console has to be Guitar Hero World Tour, an addictive game for the entire family. Strap on the guitar controller and level up, from playing in small clubs to huge stadiums, just like a true-blue rock star.

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