Top Christmas toys for 2011

As we approach the most important weeks in the year for the retail industry, the Toy Retailers Association has released a list of the top twelve Christmas toys expected to be flying off the shelves this year.

Topping the list is a plastic dog that poops plasticine. Alan Simpson, from the TRA, commentated: "Kids like poo, but it's yellow, so it's OK. It's not a normal game, it's wacky." Hmmmm...

The list also includes some less-wacky old favourites like Fireman Sam, Elmo and even Star Wars.

But there's a strong emphasise on hi-tech products, with interactive cuddly toys, digital cameras and two computer tablets all making the top twelve.

The full list is:

  1. Doggie Doo, John Adams, RRP £22.99
  2. Fijit Friends, Mattel, RRP £54.99
  3. Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set, Character, RRP £29.99
  4. Kidizoom Twist, VTech, RRP £49.99
  5. LeapPad Explorer, Leapfrog Toys, RRP £79.99
  6. Lets Rock Elmo, Hasbro, RRP £69.99
  7. Milky the Bunny, Flair, RRP £59.99
  8. Monster High Lagoona's Hydration Station, Mattel, RRP £39.99
  9. Moshling Tree House, Vivid, RRP £18.99
  10. Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster, Hasbro, RRP £44.99
  11. Ninjago Fire Temple, Lego, RRP £91.99
  12. Star Wars Ultimate Force Tech Lightsaber Assortment, Hasbro, RRP £39.99

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