Top 5 inexpensive stocking fillers

Yes we know, back in your day it was a tangerine, a walnut and an improving book. Get with the 21st century grandma; these days stocking-fillers have to be a little more inventive, playful and colourful. We picked out five sure-fire stocking successes.

  1. Let’s surrender to American cultural imperialism and invest in some candy canes. The green and red ones look so festive, and they can curl over the top of the stocking in an inviting way. Book those dentist check-ups for January.
  2. According to the Gifts Guide UK website, the hot 2011 stocking-filler is a Tao digital photo key-chain. You suspect that this is unlikely to bring a smile of delight to the average 6 year-old, but older kids may find it cool. You can store up to 100 digital images.
  3. The game that will be stuffing many a stocking at Christmas is the Addictaball. This is a 3D puzzle where you have to guide the ball through a maze to reach the end as quickly as possible. Expect the family to squabble over whose turn is next. They come in several sizes and complexity levels, with the smallest at around £5. It’s worth every penny for its ability to keep kids absorbed.
  4. Gelli Baff is ideal for toddlers who don’t like bathtime. It turns their bath into a delightful, colourful jelly goo that also happens to clean and soften the skin. Then you just tip in the sachet of dissolver and pour away. It’s £4.95 from prezzybox.com.
  5. Eco torches are great for teaching kids that batteries aren’t always required. There are numerous varieties online that just require a wind or a squeeze to power the bulb.

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