The history of the Christmas Stocking

As with all of the strange little traditions that go hand in hand with Christmas, the Christmas stocking itself has a history that muddles fact and fiction. Despite this, there's generally only one version of the story that gets repeated over and over. For you reading pleasure, the story of the Christmas stocking.

Three daughters, a wife, and a nobleman all lived together. The Nobleman was kind, but became distraught after the shock death of his wife.

The three daughters and their father mourned for quite some time and never really put the pieces back together. As time passed by the girls grew to an age where they were expected to be wed. The poor father was embarrassed that he had no dowries to give to the husbands.

St. Nicholas had heard of the family's struggle and wanted to help. Wishing to remaining anonymous, he stuffed three small bags with gold coins and threw them down the chimney. Fortune would have it that each sack landed in a different stocking that the girls had hung over the fireplace to dry.

Yes this story ends happily ever after because with the money in the sacks the father could afford to have his three daughters wed to their husbands.

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