Christmas holidays

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  • The origins and future of Boxing Day

    The origins and future of Boxing Day

    Boxing Day is a holiday observed in countries throughout the world, but what are its origins? We look at the meaning of the holiday's name and how modern life has welcomed it

  • Christmas holidays are fast approaching.

    Christmas holidays are fast approaching.

    Looking for a Christmas holiday?

  • Christmas in Rome

    Christmas in Rome

    The centre of the Catholic faith revels in old traditions during the Christmas season. Experience a meaningful Christmas that has less to do with extravagant decorations and more with the birth of Jesus Christ.

  • Christmas in North Pole

    Christmas in North Pole

    Don’t tell the kids, but neither Santa nor his elves actually live in the North Pole. But in North Pole, Alaska, there’s loads of Christmas cheer to be had.

  • Christmas in Bethlehem

    Christmas in Bethlehem

    Let’s go back to the place where it all began, where a couple was refused shelter, where three wise men were led by a shining star, and where a child unlike any other was born… Bethlehem.

  • Christmas in New York

    Christmas in New York

    Spending Christmas in New York is no mistake with its splendour and beauty. Here are the best things to do in New York during Christmas break.

  • Sizzling Christmas in Australia

    Sizzling Christmas in Australia

    Looks like Frosty the Snowman won’t be showing up in Australia this Christmas. While the rest of the world freezes during the Christmas season, Australia celebrates it under the scorching heat of the summer sun.

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