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  • Edinburgh lights up Christmas

    Edinburgh lights up Christmas

    The Scottish capital launches more than a month of festivities with a lavish opening night on the city streets

  • Christmas in Germany

    Christmas in Germany

    Christmas in Germany doesn’t only revolve around Christmas trees. The home of the original Christmas tree is rich in various Christmas traditions that spice up the merrymaking during the Yuletide season.

  • Santa Claus Sightings: Where to Find Santa Claus

    Santa Claus Sightings: Where to Find Santa Claus

    We all know that Santa’s coming to town, but do you know where exactly to find him? Here are some sites where you can catch jolly old St. Nicholas and maybe even sit on his lap.

  • Christmas in Lapland

    Christmas in Lapland

    Experience a magical Christmas plucked right out of a children’s Christmas book in Lapland. Visits to Santa’s cabin, encounter with Santa’s elves, and reindeer rides are just some of the Santa holiday activities that await both kids and adults here!

  • Christmas in North Pole

    Christmas in North Pole

    Don’t tell the kids, but neither Santa nor his elves actually live in the North Pole. But in North Pole, Alaska, there’s loads of Christmas cheer to be had.

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