Santa Claus Sightings: Where to Find Santa Claus

We all know that Santa’s coming to town, but do you know where exactly to find him? Here are some sites where you can catch jolly old St. Nicholas and maybe even sit on his lap.

Santa Claus hogs the limelight at the PumpHouse Theatre in Auckland North at the annual Santa Claus show, which runs from December 8 to 23. The show is written by Tim Bray, and features two little girls, one of which has the longest Christmas wish list Santa has ever seen. She discovers the true meaning of Christmas as Santa Claus flies her to the North Pole.

Bring the kids along to the Woodlands Mall in Woodlands Texas so they can personally ask Santa for their Christmas gifts and even have their pictures taken. On some days, pets are allowed to join in the holiday fun, too! Each tot gets to bring home a free colouring book, What Can I Give? and keep their pictures with Santa for a small price. Santa will be riding his sleigh all around Woodlands parks until December 24th.

Catch Santa Claus as he makes a stop this Christmas season in Jacksonville, Florida. On December 22, he’ll be cheering on morning joggers at Starbucks near the Jacksonville, Landing. On the 22nd, he’ll be whizzing by the skyway to visit the Museum of Science and History.

Santa Claus also drops by various malls in Kansas City to bring the Christmas cheer. Let the kids sit on his lap, whisper Christmas wishes, and take a photo with him at Great Mall of the Great Plains, Oak Park Mall, Independence Center Mall, and Metro North Mall until December 24th.

Kids will be even more delighted as Santa joins the fun in Orlando theme parks. Snap some Santa pictures at Downtown Disney’s “Festival of the Seasons,” Universal Studios’ “Holiday Cheer You Can Only Hear Here,” and Disney’s Magic Kingdom’s “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.”

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