Rick ‘n’ Rolf

Struggling to think of a Christmas present for your hard of hearing grandpa? Well, look no further because Status Quo and Rolf Harris have recorded a Christmas song together and it’s coming out just in time for, err, Christmas.

Titled ‘Christmas In The Sun’, the track was written by Rolfaroo himself and is about past Christmases spent noshing down his roast turkey in the Australian sunshine (lucky for some).

‘They came up with musical surprises and guitar rhythms that sent shivers up and down my spine’ explained Rolf about the Quo’s input to BBC News. ‘These guys have given me everything I wanted - a positive, hard-driving sound, lively and bouncing with good times, laughter and tons of fun.’

The one off collaboration features on the album ‘It’s Christmas Time’, and has an eclectic list of contributors, from Girls Aloud to Slade to Lady Gaga and Bing Crosby. It hits shelves December 7th.

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