Popular New Year Resolutions

Just like vices and promises, New Year resolutions are strangely addicting, and are often broken. As each New Year approaches, people scramble to make up a New Year resolutions list, which they end up breaking anyway after the first few days of the year. Take a trip down all your past New Year resolutions lists with this rundown of popular New Year resolutions.

Getting into shape. This always makes the infamous list as the New Year promises loads of beach getaways (where everybody’s supposed to strut in a skimpy bikini) and weddings to attend. But as it is, miracles don’t happen overnight (unless you’re brave, and rich enough for a surgery), so the Angelina Jolie wannabe still ends up as chubby as Santa even before the holiday season ends. What the heck, there’s still next year…

Giving up vices, especially smoking or drinking. “Old habits die hard” and “bad habits are hard to break” are more than enough to explain why this resolution ends up a futile attempt. Although there are some who succeed in giving up vices, a lot of people still end up returning to their old routine. No worries; there’s still next year (if they get to it, that is).

Saving up and lessening expenses. Overindulgence comes off effortlessly to most people, that’s why they end up spending lavishly on seemingly endless (and some pointless) wants. With the monthly releases of new mobile phones and the seven continents left to explore, how can you expect anyone in this worldly world stop from overspending?

Doing something new. Naturally, the New Year should come with something new, so a lot of people choose to work on a new hobby as the New Year unfolds. Whether it’s making duct tape art, collecting skunks, or gathering cow bells, this resolution is especially famous among people who are bored dead with their lives.

Finding a mate. When worse things come to worst, even totally unpredictable things such as finding happily-ever-afters with a significant other are included in the New Year resolutions list. The hitched ones who wish to venture to the married world have a brighter shot at fulfilling this resolution. But the singles should pull out all the card tricks and employ the most drastic measures they can find if they’re dead set in making this resolution a reality.

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