Popular Christmas Decorations

During Christmas, every corner of the world sparkles with lights and ornaments. Snowmen, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus and his reindeer spruce up the streets during the holiday season. But which of these Christmas decorations is the biggest hit? Here’s what we found.

  • Christmas trees. Peek in every home during the holidays and you’re sure to see a Christmas tree there, or at least a version of it. In virtually all countries, the Christmas tree is a celebrated icon during the season. You’ll find real trees with garlands, plastic ones with Christmas balls and lights, and even wooden versions with a nativity scene.
  • Santa Claus. You’ll see him carrying a sack full of gifts, parading on a sleigh with Rudolph and the gang, or surfing under the scorching heat of the sun (mostly in Australia, Brazil, and other countries that celebrate Christmas during the summer). Santa Claus is no doubt a popular figure during the holidays, and children and adults alike love his bright red ensemble, huge belly, and white beard and moustache.
  • Christmas lights. Bright green, red, and yellow lights dominate the streets on Christmas, turning every place into a “magical” wonderland. Light displays usually take the form of stars, brightening up homes and roads when the night sets in.
  • Christmas wreaths. This is a staple Christmas ornament. It’s usually attached or hung in front of the doors or inside houses. Various items such as bells, snowflakes, and red and green balls are used to beautify Christmas wreaths.
  • Mistletoe. A Christmas ornament couples love, mistletoe obliges people under it to kiss, according to tradition. Mistletoe is especially popular in the US.

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