Pick of the puddings

Rich, fruity, and always well-soaked in brandy. But that’s enough about Uncle George. Which Christmas pudding is going to round off your festive feast this year? Unless you have already marinated your fruit and sourced your organic suet, it’s too late to make your own pud, so we checked the products on the supermarket shelves.

Starting at the lower end of the price range, an Asda pudding is adequate but unremarkable. Tesco’s National Trust pudding is not the ancient relic that the name implies, but a light pudding that misses the point of a daunting dessert that is supposed to render you immobile for an hour or so.

Marks and Spencer's Collection Christmas pudding is not just any Christmas pudding... well actually it is, although the high alcohol content means you might need to find a less boozy alternative for the kids.

Lidl’s Deluxe Christmas Pudding is a surprisingly rich offering from the budget supermarket, with a yielding texture and a fine festive flavour. You’ll get no complaints if you serve this up.

The choice of affluent North Londoners, the Waitrose Christmas pudding will slip down easily with a glass of moscatel, although again the pudding seems to have more than enough alcohol already.

Heston Blumenthal’s limited edition Christmas pudding for Waitrose is now being sold on eBay for over £20, with some sellers even asking for sums up to £100. The gimmick is that it conceals a whole orange. Save money by buying a bag of mandarins for £1.99 and serving a segment with your pudding.

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