Party Like a Pro: Tips for the Festive Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly indeed, but an entire season of partying can take its toll, physical or otherwise. Here are a few tips to help you make merry… without the nasty side effects!

Lost count of the number of drinks you had last night? Let’s hope you gulped down a lot of water beforehand. Agua keeps you hydrated, and lessens hangover woes like headaches and fuzzy tongues.

To prevent having a belly big enough to rival Santa Claus’, eat slowly, giving your brain enough time to process the feeling of fullness. You can have your share of holiday goodies, of course, but it’s better to have them in small servings. Veggies, fruits, and protein-rich meals are always healthy choices.

Enforce a buddy system. Someone has to tell you when you’ve had too much punch, or else you might end up trying out your pole-dancing skills, which, we assure you, are nonexistent. At the very least, you’ll have someone to help you get home, unless you want to end up in someone else’s foul-smelling room, with no idea how you got there, or where your clothes are.

Dress appropriately. Unless you’re hankering for your boss (who is hopefully unmarried), you don’t really want to show up at an office party in a thigh-high skirt. Unless it’s a beach party, keep the flip-flops at home. You might draw attention to yourself, although it’ll be the wrong kind.

Curb the urge to spill all the intimate details of your life. It might feel oh-so-right while the alcohol has addled your brain, but that hot girl you just met doesn’t really need to know you peed on the bed ‘til university. Lay off the offensive jokes, don’t talk about yourself all the time, and really listen.

Spread the Christmas cheer! Make friends, join games, and be fun. Let loose and leave the work stuff at the office. Bring a gift for your host: wine, chocolate, or a homemade dish is fine. Don’t forget to thank him or her after!

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