Our top five Notebooks

We are here for one reason and one reason only, to find you five of the best notebooks on the market. So let's see what we have managed to dig out.

  • Apple Mac Book Pro - Starting at around £1,000, you had better have a serious savings plan in place to get one of these. As you know, price dictates quality and this is no exception. The workmanship gone into creating this notebook is second to none. Boasting a Core i7 processor, 500GB hard drive and 8GB of RAM, this little beauty will run just about anything perfectly.
  • Sony VAIO Z - Another pricy effort, this notebook starts at £1,500 but goes up to £3,000 for the best of the bunch. It is basically all metal but it is super light, the build quality really is extremely good. This laptop has a massive solid state hard drive and an amazing graphics card. Our only gripe is you physically have to flick a switch if you want to go from integrated graphics to your high end graphics card. This can cause programs to close and screen flick which you wouldn't expect from such a pricey laptop
  • Toshiba Satellite R630 - This laptop comes in at around £750 so it's quite affordable compared to our previous picks. Superb quality is the order of the day here with plenty of bang for your buck on offer. This laptop is slick to look at and won't let you down on performance. The battery life is also great so you wont have to be tethered all the time. It has a core i5 processor that rocks performance wise but struggles to really produce any decent 3-D graphics. If you're a gamer, this laptop is not the one for you.
  • Sony Vaio Y series - Unlike the Z series, this can be picked up for a mere £650. Good looks, impressive battery life and a fantastic keyboard make this a solid competitor in the mid-range laptop market. On the other hand, the CPU is a little slow in certain tasks and again, graphics just don't pass muster.
  • Asus U35Jc - This is a great little machine for around £600. It has a robust core i3 processor and a healthy 4GB DDR RAM to boast about. This means speed and performance should be no problem with this notebook. The only real kick in the teeth is the lack of optical drive. Most software is downloaded D2D (Direct to Drive) now but it is always handy to have one.

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