Our guide to buying Aftershave

If you are a man looking for a fragrance, or a girlfriend buying a gift for Christmas, we are here to help! With so many choices out there, buying an aftershave can be a tricky affair. For this reason, we have done our research and compiled a list to help you out. We have found three really good aftershaves that should be great for just about any type of guy.

  • Boss Bottled - This is a great aftershave that comes in a 50ml bottle with the classic Boss look. This is also the original Boss fragrance and is still the most popular of all their fragrances. Scented with red apple and cinnamon with a few hidden floral notes this is a great spicy blend that should be a perfect gift.
  • Giorgio Armani Acqua Di GIO - Another big hitter in the aftershave market, Giorgio Armani hits all the right notes here with his Acqua Di GIO fragrance. This is a light aftershave that has aquatic scents of bergamot, neroli and green tangerine. It has a real crispness to it and gives a real fresh feeling to the person wearing it. Starting at around £50, you really can't go wrong with this fantastic fragrance!
  • Joop pour Homme - Joop fell out of favour many years ago but has since catapulted itself onto the bathroom shelves of many men and women across the globe. It is a refined fragrance with woody notes and a hint of oriental spice. This is achieved through a fine blend of cinnamon, jasmine, honey and tobacco. It has a real smoky, woody scent, that will be loved by just about any guy.

So there you have three of the best aftershaves on the market. Check them out and see if any are for you, we guarantee you will like them.

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