Only 46 shopping days left till Christmas

As the night’s draw in and the weather turns from awful to really awful it can only mean one thing – Christmas is coming. Well, 46 shopping days left to be precise. It may sound like plenty to some (the men) but according to a survey from the ASDA more than 50% of Brits (the women) have already started buying presents.

We’re not quite sure what sort of presents these people are buying from the supermarket, but it’s thought that with only 2 paydays to the big day, and being the midst of a recession, this year people are choosing to spread their shopping out.

“People might think we're crazy for selling gifts already, but our customers are telling us it's what they want so we're doing all we can to help them”, said a spokesperson from ASDA.

So, if you find a value pack of chicken drumsticks dated ‘Oct 09’ guess who’s the organised one in your family.

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