Make your own Christmas decorations!

There are shops flooded with repetitive Christmas baubles and decorations that just make every household and shop window look the exact same. The is one way to avoid this, keep things one of a kind by making your own decorations. So now the question of what do you need?

Basically you need a whole bunch of crafty items. Obvious things like scissors, glue, sticky tape and strings to hang them with. Then you need coloured card, standard baubles any colour, glitter, paints anything creative really. Once you have all of this together its time to get a plan in order.

The reasoning behind the standard baubles is to make one of the simplest custom decorations you can make, the decorated bauble. This is a great way to involve the kids and get messy. Grab the glue and glitter or the paints and get creative. Whatever you want you can create very easily and it's great fun.

After this it really is down to you and your imagination. There are lots of thing you can create as decorations using the supply you have purchased. Also there are lots of suggestions and ideas on the internet and around Christmas the you will see lots of shows on telly to help you get inspired.

Try and create something original this year by making your own Christmas decorations. It is a great way to get the family all working together and it can really be great fun.

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