Make your own Christmas cards!

If you choose to make your own Christmas cards, the only limit is your own imagination! Stock up on basics like scissors, card, markers, glue, glitter and any design is achievable.

If you find yourself stuck for inspiration there are lots of great websites that will help you out with design ideas. The best way to actually go about it is to get the kids involved. Task the kids with designing the cards for family, while you busy yourself with the cards for friends! Taking the time to treat family and friends to personalised Christmas cards will leave you in their good books.

Why not keep it simple and use the classic Christmas Snowman design? All it takes is a piece of card folded in half, two round pieces of white card one bigger than the other. Make the head and body from the white card then fill in two black dots for eyes and some down the front of the body for buttons. Cut out an orange triangle for the nose and stick it in place.

All you have to do then is write your Christmas message and get to the fun part, gluing all the glitter and other pieces of craft paper on to the card.

There you have it, a simple snowman card to get things rolling. After thins you can get as creative as you want. Happy Christmas!

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