Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

After last December’s whiteout across the UK, there has been widespread expectation that there will be another white Christmas in 2011. Meteorologists have been hedging their bets, but temperatures dropped sharply in early December, and snow has already fallen in Scotland and the north of England.

The bookmakers are often a more reliable indicator of the likelihood of snow than the weather experts They are offering odds ranging from 7-2 against a white Christmas in Aberdeen, to 8-1 against Christmas snow in Cardiff. The best odds for a white Christmas in London are 5-1, although the odds are changing all the time as more weather information comes in.

Last year’s early blizzards caught many people out. Supplies of kiddies’ sledges quickly sold out, and ice-grip attachments for shoes were in great demand. In 2011 the hardware stores and garden centres have been piled with snow accessories, so there’s no excuse to be unprepared.

Those planning on travelling over the Christmas period have an obvious interest in obtaining as much advance information as possible. The exactaweather.com site is predicting widespread snow across Scotland and northern England for December, so have a back-up plan if you are planning road or rail travel close to Christmas. Check train companies' websites for advance notice of any disruptions or cancellations.

You can get regular updates on netweather.tv in the days up to Christmas. You can also key in your region, and shake the Santa to find out the chances of a white Christmas in your area.

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