Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Got a Christmas budget that’s as tight as Santa’s belt? No worries; you’d still be able to give out nice Christmas gifts even with just little cash. Here are some ideas…

Digital frame key chains. Can’t live without your family pictures? Take them wherever you go with this key chain. Measuring under four centimetres, it can store up to 60 photos and display them in full colour. Transfer files using the built-in USB port, press a button, and you’ll be able to flip from one picture to another. It accepts JPEG, GIF, and BMP files and includes a photo slideshow mode. It has an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Quik Pod tripod. This inexpensive gift is perfect for camera lovers. With this world-first extendable handheld tripod, you can easily take pictures of yourself, even underwater. The tripod extends to a maximum of 45 centimetres, and can be easily attached to point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders. You can take it anywhere, as it easily fits in backpacks and knapsacks.

Stickr frames. No need to fiddle with hooks and hammers! With these Stickr frames, you just simply peel off the backing, put your photos, and stick these on the wall.

Disney digital cameras. Disney fans will go gaga over these digital cameras. Besides snapping great pictures, this chic camera allows Disneyheads to easily transfer photos to their computers and customise them with exclusive Disney characters, stamps, and frames. A software CD, wrist strap, USB cable, and user guide are included in the package. Available designs include Disney princesses, High School Musical, and Hannah Montana.

Unique wine rack. This practical wine rack especially comes in handy during parties. More than just a wine rack, it houses the necessary tools such as foil cutter and corkscrew for opening your wine. There’s a sealer, too, for preserving an already-opened bottle. It’s available in plastic and metal and can be folded flat when not in use.

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