How to Throw a Christmas Party

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and here are some handy tips to make sure everyone enjoys the party you host.

Make a list and check it twice. You’re supposed to enjoy the holidays, not dread them. No sense in being harassed because you forgot to get this and had to dash off to the 25 hours Tescos at 3am. Plan ahead and make an earlier start on the execution.

Set the mood. Spend a little effort in sprucing up the house. Hang some mistletoe, play some carols, straighten the crooked ornaments on the tree. Clear things up. A clean, cosy home is an inviting place to set foot in after a walk out in the snow, or a pre-Xmas bar crawl.

It’s all fun and games. Get the group loosened up with both mulled wine and a little friendly competition. Whether it’s a round of twister or charades, there’s bound to be laughter all around. Not only will this make things merrier, but your guests will get to know each other too. That’ll get the ball rolling, and from here, it’s all smooth sailing to a memorable night.

Make the food good. Real good. If you have to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen or spend loads on tried-and-tested takeout, do it. A delicious meal puts smiles on people’s faces, and they won’t hesitate to come to your parties again. If you don’t have enough time, why not make it a potluck dinner? That way there’ll be a lot of variety on the table. It’s always easier to bond over a full stomach and a satisfied palate.

Have a gift-giving affair. Have everyone bring a gift that can be appreciated by both sexes. After dessert, gather by the fire with a bowl with everyone’s names in it. Have each guest pick one, say something nice about that person, and give his or her gift to them. A present is nice to receive, and compliments warm the heart too.

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