How to Recover from Christmas Hangovers

Getting wasted is normal during Christmas parties. But wait till the morning after and you’ll be cursing old Pusser’s (the famous rum brand) and Siete Leguas (maker of the Mexican tequila) because of your severe hangover.

Here are some ways to sober up after an all-night booze fest.

Drink plenty of water. Alcoholic drinks leave you dehydrated, so the best way to combat your Christmas hangover is to gobble up plenty of water. Remember: drink as much water as you did with booze the night before, or even more.

Avoid heavy meals. The biggest mistake you can ever do while you have a hangover is to eat heavy meals. The accumulation of various liquors makes your stomach sensitive. So better lay off the buffet breakfast and snack on bananas, toast, or soda crackers instead if you don’t want to end up worshipping your toilet bowl all day.

Take a shower. Showers actually relieve the unwanted “stress” the hangover brings. And as it refreshes the body, it also helps flush out the pesky toxins in your system.

Pop some pain relievers. If your Christmas hangover subjects you to unforgivable headaches or stomach aches, it’s advisable to take some medicine for the pain. Be aware of the pain relievers you shouldn’t be taking, though, while alcohol is still in your system. These include acetaminophen, aspirin, and naproxen sodium.

Take some ginseng. Ginseng is a widely accepted cure for hangovers. It not only helps the liver neutralise the alcohol’s toxic components but also accelerates the decomposition and elimination of alcohol. Ginseng is best taken before bed time, as it has stimulant effects.

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