Happy Gift Giving!

Do your friends’ faces look pained after they open the gifts you give every Christmas? Don’t be so glum. Whether you’re on the prowl for something for the office Kris Kringle or a present for your special someone, you’re sure to be a hit if you heed these tips:

Make a list. Every time you hear someone say, “I want this…”, file it away for when you go looking for Christmas presents. You can even get the stuff as early as October to avoid the crazed shoppers at the mall. Shopping online is another trick to steer clear of the frenzy in crowded stores.

Give the gift of your time. Bring the kids to the zoo. Treat your spouse to a romantic date. Visit your parents. Hang out at the bar with your friends. Help out at an animal shelter. This will strengthen your relationships.

Make it a labour of love. Do the dishwashing for a week, wash the car, clean the house, fold the laundry, or just remember to take out the trash! The end result? A less harassed housekeeper, a satisfied wife, and health benefits for you! It’s exercise, you know.

DIY. Build the tree house the boys have been begging for. Crochet a funky scarf. Paint a portrait. Write a long, loving letter. Burn a CD. Not only does it add a personal touch, but the fact that you actually spent time to create something shows your sincerity. Really.

When all else fails, ask! Whether you go directly to the recipient or try to subtly fish through his or her friends, it won’t hurt to ask what gift he or she wants to receive for Christmas. You can’t go wrong.

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