Five Winter Sun Destinations for your Christmas Break

A white Christmas may sound tempting, but Christmas with snow and skiing can get old. So if you’d rather warm up than chill out with snowmen during the season, browse over this list of top destinations where you can bask under the sweltering heat of the sun.

Tenerife. This beautiful Spanish island was named the top winter sun destination in 2005. Exotic beaches, lush forests, and open-air restaurants are just some of the things to enjoy here. Teide National Park is a must-see for its enormous volcanic crater. Explore the now extinct volcano by foot or by cable car, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Gran Canaria and other nearby cities from the summit. The Playa de las Teresitas is the best beach to visit. It features golden yellow sands from the Sahara (a Spanish province), a perfect place to just relax and enjoy a tan. Temperatures are as high as 30°C.

Caribbean Island. Sun worshippers flock to this sun-drenched island for its mix of captivating beaches and thrilling adventure sports. Climb an active volcano which reeks of sulphur, go rafting on the Rio Grande, or take a kayaking upriver escapade. Want to simply relax amidst the stunning scenery? Take your pick from the wide range of beaches available, which have its own “specialisations:” the away-from-it-all beach, adventurer’s beach, windsurfing beach, strolling beach, and many more. Temperatures are as high as 32°C.

Sydney. There’s really “no place in the world like Sydney,” with its seductive outdoor lifestyle and breathtaking beauty. Visit the big, bold, and beautiful Bondi Beach where being daring is not an issue. Kylie Minogue and other celebrities have been spotted here, enough proof that the place is good enough even for the rich and famous. Temperatures are as high as 35°C.

Rio de Janeiro. Thumping with parties and stunning scenery, Rio is the best place to have a blast during the Christmas season. Forest-covered mountains, tempting beaches, and a festive nightlife are just some of the reasons for a Rio holiday. The Sugar Loaf Mountain and Cristo Redentor are must-sees too. Temperatures are as high as 40°C.

Bangkok. Bangkok glitters during the Christmas season as lights fill the shopping centres and city streets. Dazzling temples, heavenly spas, and ritzy malls offer a pleasurable stay for tourists. Temperatures are as high as 36°C.

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