Five Places for a White Christmas

Most parts of the UK can expect a winter wetter than it is white. There are still areas abroad where “Let it snow!” is an answered prayer, though. Take the kids on a trip to the following countries:

Germany. This is a great destination for winter sports. At the Wintersport Arena in Sauerland, winter lasts until March with its 200 snowmakers. Thuringer Forest is good for neophytes and cross-country skiers, while really intense winter sports can be had in Black Forest. Spend a few hours at the Christmas markets, which features an exhilarating mix of choirs, chestnuts, and cheer. Enjoy honeyed cookies, bratwurst, and spiced wines; bump into St. Nicholas; or let the kids ride a pony. Temperatures are as low as -2 ºc.

Austria. Sleigh riding, snow shoeing, snowboarding… the list of things to do here goes on. The landscapes, with towering blue mountains and mirror-like lakes, are exquisite, while its Alpine regions are an endless sloping white. Choose the resorts in Montafon, Kitzbühel, and Innsbruck. It’s ball season this time of year, too, so girls get to dress like they’ve just come out of a Disney movie, while the boys look dapper in their suits. No wonder various Royal Families spend their winter breaks here. Temperatures are as low as -2 ºc.

Italy. The crests of the Dolomiti mountain range features fine snow and sunny skies. One of the most popular resorts here is Cortina d'Ampezzo, host to the 1956 Winter Olympics. Stadio del Ghiaccio, now a public ice skating rink, is a reminder of this proud moment,. Have a look at the presepe, nativity scenes which decorate the streets. Temperatures are as low as 2 ºc.

Andorra. Dog sledding, igloo building, and snow biking opportunities abound in Andorra. Tubing and skiing trails are just as plenty. A hotel made of ice, and ice bars, where socialising is taken to a different level, other Andorra attractions. There are loads of wellness resorts here and sports facilities. Temperatures are as low as -20ºc.

Switzerland. There are loads of ski resorts to choose from in the Swiss Alps. Dotted with chalets is Malbun, perfect for families on a holiday. There’s even a park for young beginners. Leukerbad is known for its thermal springs and tranquil trails. For those seeking spectacular views, Visp is just the spot. It’s budget-friendly too. Get an adrenalin rush at Andermatt, where the Gemsstock Mountain offers a challenge many dare to take. Temperatures are as low as -2 ºc.

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