Easy peasy Christmas shopping

If the thought of elbowing your way round the pre Christmas shops leaves you cold, then shopping online is the way to go. Here's where we'll be grabbing our last minute pressies....

For her. You can't go wrong with a little something from Asos or Yoox. The Asos Christmas sale kicks off on Christmas Eve, so if you're canny enough you can wait right till the last minute to order something, get the discount and watch it drop through the postbox just after Christmas day. (Who cares if it's late, it's worth it.) Yoox also offer coupons which you can pop in a virtual E-card, as well as some amazing seasonal discounts which can be accessed via a promotional code. (Keep an eye on the site to see.)

For him. Iwantoneofthose'. This website has some of the craziest and most innovative gadgety inventions going, and is perfect for a guy who likes something other than socks and pants under the tree. A beer machine will take the stress out of popping to the offy. And an alcohol breath tester will eliminate worry about whether you've had a Christmas few too many or not.

Him and her. Rocking around the Christmas tree used to be done with a tinny sounding cassette recorder and not much in the way of acoustics. Well times have moved on. The ikaraoke microphone, which plugs in directly to your ipod is a 'specially designed microphone which lets you sing along to all your favourite tracks.'

And if a relaxing night's shut-eye is what you're really after this Christmas, then be sung to sleep with a musical pillow. The speaker is buried so deeply in the pillow that only the sleeper will hear it. So if nodding off to Nirvana is your idea of heaven - Merry Xmas!

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