Do it yourself Christmas wreaths!

Everybody loves a Christmas wreath, but generally the shops only carry a few designs, so everyone ends up with the same handful of choices. We have thrown together a little 'how to' to help you make a traditional Christmas wreath and get a truly unique look.

All you'll need to do is hit the shops and pick up a few simple items:

One ring of Oasis Floristry foam, pine cones, apples, cinnamon sticks, holly, three or four branches of blue pine, (alternatively just chop a few bits off the Christmas tree) wired ribbon, string, scissors and stub wire.

  • Chop up 2 - 3 inch pieces of pine and holly.
  • Trim the last few centimetres of needles or leaves away so you have a couple of centimetres of wood to use.
  • Begin to dress the outside of your oasis with pines on the outside edge and holly on the face.
  • When you have this done, start filling in the gaps between the holly with the pine. You should now have a very full looking circle of pine and holly.
  • Get some stub wire and start wrapping it around the pine cones and apples leaving a couple of centimetres free to stab into the oasis.
  • Begin decorating it as you see fit with your apples and pine cones.
  • Grab a bunch of cinnamon sticks, cut them into 10cm pieces and tie them together with the sting, attach this to the wreath.
  • Finally get your wire ribbon and make a bow shape from this. Attach this to the bottom and hey presto you now have a traditional Christmas wreath.

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