Cut down on Calories this Christmas

Unless you want your midsection to rival Santa’s big, fat belly this Christmas, you’ll need to grit your teeth during Christmas feasts and cut down on calories. Resisting the urge to binge on holiday delicacies may be really difficult to do, but here are some tips for you…

  • Pick the right parties and the right kind of food. Christmas parties ultimately mean food fests, so if you intend to keep your figure after the holidays, be picky. Only attend important parties. After the meals on such parties, meet up with other people you need to keep in touch with this Christmas. Lay your hands on these, and only these: turkey (which is a low-fat meat), smoked salmon (with omega-3 fatty acids good for the heart), fresh or dried fruits, chestnuts (which have lower calories compared to other nuts), salad with low-fat dressing, plain popcorn, and low-fat dips.
  • Stick to three meals a day. Christmas may be the season of tempting dishes, but don’t give in! Stick to the three-meals-a-day rule! Remember: breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the only allowed meals. Other extra meals will just prevent you from looking sassy and fitting in in your Christmas outfit. And you know you don’t want that.
  • Drink and drink—water, that is. Thirst can be mistaken for hunger, so to avoid unnecessary gorging, drink lots of water—higher amounts than you usually take.
  • Walk around. Christmas doesn’t entitle you to become a couch potato! Walk around to burn some calories. It will also prevent you from indulging in unnecessary snacks.

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