Christmas Record Breakers

What better time to set world records than during the Yuletide season? Here are some Christmas record breakers.

Biggest Floating Christmas Tree. For the second time, Bradesco Bank’s giant Christmas tree in Brazil has snagged the Guinness Book of Records title “Biggest Floating Christmas Tree.” Standing at a height of 85 metres, the huge tree features 52 kilometres of lighted strands and 1600 Christmas flashing lights, which beautifully displays this year’s theme: a melody of peace for the Brazilian family. On the top of the tree are a huge star and two angels of peace.

A man-made spectacle, the Christmas tree featured an electric carillon (a set of tuned bells), played manually by professional bell ringers. During the tree’s inauguration, Christmas carols were played during a spectacular fireworks display.

The giant Christmas tree received its first Guinness Book of Records certification in 1999. It measured 76 metres.

Most People Dressed as Santa Claus. The capital city of Romania, Bucharest, made it to the Guinness Book of Records as 3939 people in Santa outfits paraded through the city, distributing gifts. This broke Taiwan’s record in 2003, which featured 3618 gift-giving Santa Clauses.

Largest Christmas Angel. In 2000 the largest Christmas angel was put up on Alfonso Reyes Avenue in Mexico, measuring 5.57 metres tall and 2.44 metres wide. Festivity is written all over the huge Christmas angel, as it was made out of 2946 beer bottles.

World’s Largest Gift. The brand new five-storey mansion that your husband gave you as Christmas gift is incomparable to France’s gift to US in 1866—the Statue of Liberty. Standing at a height of 46.5 metres and weighing 225 tons, the famous New York landmark is undoubtedly the world’s largest gift.

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