Christmas Island

Did you know that there’s a place where ‘Christmas is 365 days a year?’ A dot on the Indian Ocean, northwest of Perth, Australia, is Christmas Island. It contradicts the usual notion of white Christmases and Santa Claus with visions of breathtaking beaches, exotic tropical fish, and loads of red crabs.

Christmas Island is an Australian territory that may be unknown to most people. But this secret paradise is the ultimate treasure-laden feast for beach bums and nature lovers.

First discovered by Captain William Mynors of the East India Ship Company on December 25, Christmas Island is home to diverse cultures, bringing together the predominantly Chinese population with Europeans and Malays. Ethnic festivals are held throughout the year, and annual holidays include the Mooncake Festival in August, Arts Christmas Island Festival in October, and Christmas Day and New Year on December and January.

Unspoiled and exotic, it is an eco-haven with national parks and wildlife occupying 63 percent of the island. About 200 species of native flowering plants abound here, 16 of which can only be found in the island. Red crabs dominate the area, and their annual migration to the sea is hailed as one of earth’s natural wonders. Come wet season, in synchronization with the moon’s cycle, over 100 million red crabs set out into an exodus, an extraordinary phenomenon unique to this part of the world.

If you’re yearning to explore the vast underwater kingdom, Christmas Island is an ideal choice, with its renowned dive tours. The island teems with remarkable reefs, home to pristine corals and abundant marine life. Fascinating creatures such as rainbow runners, massive tuna, and whale sharks may occasionally drop by to keep you company during your diving adventure.

Hundreds of bird species also consider Christmas Island home, 13 of which are endemic to the site. Bird watching is a popular activity here, offering glimpses of rare species such as Abbotts Bobby and Christmas Island Frigate. Fishing, nature walks, and golf are other island activities.

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