Christmas in Stockholm

While the rest of the world splurges on expensive gift items and holiday trips during Christmas, Stockholm in Sweden celebrates the season in a less lavish and more traditional way. Christmas in this modern metropolitan city involves real reindeer and windows lit by real candles (not Christmas lights!) during the season.

  • Christmas markets. Even before the Christmas season kicks in, Christmas markets take centre stage in Stockholm during the second week of November, offering unique Swedish items ranging from reindeer meat, glögg (traditional mulled wine), and Swedish Christmas candy. Enjoy fun rides after your Christmas shopping at Gröna Lund Christmas Market, which features an amusement park with carousels and an ice skating rink. Celebrate old traditions and purchase handicrafts and Christmas delicacies at the popular Old Town Christmas Market. Or enjoy Christmas concerts and browse through old-fashioned stalls at Skansen Christmas Market, the world’s oldest open-air museum in Djurgården.
    • St. Lucia Day. Commemorate the memory of the martyr St. Lucia on her feast day, December 13. See local girls in white dresses with headdresses of candles parade around the city. The “Queen of Light” travels around with her maidens before the sun rises, “bringing light in the darkness.” Lucia songs, concerts, and a breakfast of glögg, saffron-flavoured buns, and gingerbread biscuits spice up the celebration.
      • Holiday concerts and shows. Christmas concerts and shows kick off during the first Sunday of Advent in Stockholm, making Christmas celebrations even merrier. Watch advent concerts in churches and commercial shows in various venues in the city. Best-loved Christmas carols, orchestra, and several stars are some of the things to look forward to.
        • Christmas buffets. Food lovers are in for a treat starting from mid-November all the way up to Christmas Eve with Stockholm’s wide range of Christmas buffets. Celebrate a medieval Christmas in the oldest part of the Old Town, cruise around the city while having a Christmas feast in Strömma, or sing with a local singing group while enjoying a Mediterranean-inspired Christmas smorgasbord with Regina Operathmus. A mouth-watering panna cotta and tiramisu are served, too!

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