Christmas in Santa Claus

You read it right. It’s not “and” Santa Claus but “in” Santa Claus… Santa Claus, Indiana, that is. Expect a huge dose of holiday spirit in this little town in the U.S. Midwest. You’ll be ho-ho-ho-ing from all the fun events they have in store this Christmas 2008.

Begin the day by breakfasting with Santa (the person this time) at the United Methodist Church Campground, where pancakes are served in quantities enough to feed all his elves and reindeer. A parade, a puppet show, and a craft fair are also part of the agenda. There are loads of concerts to attend as well.

Locals’ efforts have made things merry and bright. At the Christmas Lake Village, for instance, neighbours put up thousands of Christmas lights and eye-catching decorations.

In case you forget what place you’re in, the Santa Claus monument assembled in 1935 is a figure that’s hard to miss. This 22-feet tall statue, a gift to the children of the world, rests on top of a base shaped like the Star of Bethlehem.

You’ll find the famed snowman all year round in the form of a fountain at Frosty's Fun Center. It’s famous for its miniature golf course, arcade, and food stalls. Another place for families is Holiday World, which prides itself in being the first theme park in the world. Santa's Candy Castle is stop you have to make, where you can buy candy canes in Hot Cinnamon, Chocolate-covered Peppermint, and Piña Colada flavours. Dark Chocolate Pecan Delights, Chocolate-Covered Caramels, and Peanut Butter Kringles are other festive treats you can try. You might also want to pop inside the Santa Claus Post Office to see where the letters you wrote to Santa long ago have ended up.

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