Christmas in New York

Various characters from movies like Kevin McAllister (Home Alone 2) and Santa’s wife (Mrs. Santa Claus, a made-for TV movie) have stumbled upon the Big Apple on Christmas by mistake. But spending Christmas in New York is no mistake with its splendour and beauty. Here are the best things to do in New York during Christmas break.

  • Have some family fun at Macy’s and Santaland. Macy’s transforms into a magical place when Christmas season kicks in. Spectacular window displays draw tourists from various parts of the world, delighting kids and adults alike with themed puppets. Santaland, which is in Macy’s as well, is a kid’s haven with its sparkling lights and oversized lollipops. Santa’s elves guide tourists to the Macyland Express and Enchanted Forest. Talking trees, Rainbow Bridge, Holiday Magic Show Wagon filled with toys and sweets, and The Sweetery, an interactive patisserie, are just some of its visual delights. The highlight of Santaland is Santa’s home, a country cabin covered in Christmas trinkets. Santa Claus picks out a special gift for every kid who visits his abode.
  • See the lighting of the legendary Rockefeller Tree. An annual New York tradition that’s famous around the world, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a captivating sight with its mountain of branches wrapped in sparkling lights. Other ornaments such as tin soldiers and angels with trumpets are usually placed under the tree. The tree’s lighting ceremony has grown to be a star-studded event, with celebrities joining the festivities. After the ceremony tourists can go ice skating in the rink nearby.
  • Enjoy a floating concert hall experience in Brooklyn. On Christmas Eve, treat yourself to some relaxing, acoustic music matched with intimate views of lower Manhattan through BargeMusic, Big Apple’s floating concert hall. Renowned musicians perform here, a perfect treat for holidaymakers.
  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve with the rest of the population at Times Square. Wait for the clock to strike midnight with millions of people and celebrate as the renowned New Year’s Eve ball drops from the Times Square building. Star-studded musical performances, stunning pyrotechnic displays, colourful balloons, and confetti make the celebration even merrier.

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