Christmas in Lapland

Experience a magical Christmas plucked right out of a children’s Christmas book. Lapland is a province in Finland that Father Christmas considers home. Visits to Santa’s cabin, personal encounter with Santa’s elves, and reindeer and husky rides are just some of the Santa holiday activities that await both kids and adults here!

Go on a one-day Santa trip and enjoy an extraordinary Christmas in this enchanting land.

From the airport, explore Lapland’s amazing scenery aboard a snowmobile or sleigh. Then indulge in some snow fun afterward with Stiga toboganning and reindeer and husky rides. What’s a Santa trip without Santa? Seal the exciting tour with a visit to Santa’s cabin, and enjoy with the old man a simple but pleasurable lunch of sweet potatoes with meat or vegetarian fillings, pasta, hot soup, and pancakes and jam for dessert.

Visit Santa on his island hideaway and see his traditional post office and elf assistants in the underground workshops! Kids aged two to 11 get a free gift after the tour.

Want a memorable personal encounter with Santa’s elves? Come play with Snowy, Bowy, Tricky Dicky, Speedy Sam, and Noisy Nod on a one-day extravaganza tour! Spice up the day with husky, reindeer, and skidoo rides. Don’t forget to enjoy some bonding time with Santa!

Snow castles don’t only exist in fantasy books! In Lapland, you get to visit the village of Hetta, where a snow castle stands, and enjoy drinks served from a table made of ice. Marvel at the ice sculptures and artefacts in the castle, and enjoy a satisfying lunch at the Hotel Hetta afterward.

A Lapland holiday isn’t complete without a visit to Santa’s workshop. See how Santa’s elves prepare for Christmas, and take delight in Santa’s chocolate tree decoration machine and Christmas cracker filler machine. Reindeer and husky rides and skidooing and toboganning are available just outside the workshop.

Want a traditional Christmas experience? Venture to Kittila, where a street market with chestnuts, roasted potato wedges, and freshly made pancakes trigger memories of past Christmases. You get to meet Mrs. Claus, too, and enjoy her recipe mince pies and gingerbread.

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