Christmas holidays are fast approaching.

If you are planning on a holiday this Christmas, you can either be organised, and book somewhere well in advance: you may be leaving it a bit late now, or take a risk and book something right at the last minute. Why not venture further afield this Christmas and try a holiday somewhere new.

Many tour operators offer all inclusive Christmas holidays to exotic sunny destinations to help you escape the grey gloom that we usually have to put up with in the UK: let’s face it, we don’t often get a greetings card-like white Christmas do we?

The Caribbean is always popular with its beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise waters, laid back approach to life and of course the sunshine. We looked for all inclusive deals in Barbados and found the best deals with Thomas Cook. For seven nights at the Clubhotel Riu Negril the cost is £2964 for two people. This is departing from London Gatwick on 22nd December and returning on 30th December.

This is very typical of the kind of cost you can expect although you may find that it is cheaper if you are happy to fly on Christmas Eve and/or New Years Eve. You may also find that the plane is less full on these days.

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