Christmas hamper fillers

There is one simple rule when it comes to hamper packing: Pack it with the people who are receiving it in mind. Don't just buy a standard hamper, or fall into the trap of packing it with things you want. You need to know this person to be able to give them a gift they will really appreciate.

  • Mum's Hamper - Luxury items are the order of the day when packing a hamper for Mum. you can't stray far wrong if you pack bubble bath, soaps, bath salts etc. Throwing in a bottle of Champagne is always a good idea too. Maybe a book and a really high quality bath robe. Don't forget though, if you mum has a real passion for something whether its art, reading or anything else be sure to include this in the hamper.
  • Dad's Hamper - When it comes to Dad, things get that little bit harder. You need to know exactly what he is into. If it's gadgets and gizmos then maybe a funky watch or something for his PC. Maybe a book or a new phone will do the trick! One thing is for sure and that's to include a bottle of booze, preferably a good whiskey.
  • Kids hamper - It's slightly unusual to give you son or daughter a hamper, but they really are just a great way of giving a few really nice small gifts. iPhones, books, video games, make-up and mp3 players are all great ways to fill a hamper. Don't forget to include their favourite tipple to complete the hamper!

There you have it, a couple of really good ideas to fill your Christmas hamper with.

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