Christmas Gifts for the Traveller

What can you give a person who’s always on the go? Surely household bric-a-brac are out of the question. If you don’t have any idea how to keep your loved ones with the ‘itchy’ feet happy this Christmas season, try showering them these travel-inspired presents.

Passport covers made from Italian leather lets your globetrotter travel in style. While funny luggage tags with hilarious texts such as “I’m pretty sure this isn’t your bag” sets him or her apart from everyone else. Need to keep your traveller on time for his or her flights? Give him (or her) an egg-shaped 5-in-1 travel alarm clock. With just a shake, this cute little clock will let your voyager know the time, date, and temperature in different LED colours.

Travelling light is a must for backpackers, so shower your voyager with light travel guides that can aid him in his journeys. Featuring 12 light-as-a-feather volumes, the World Grand Tour set gives all the information a travel enthusiast will ever need: from hotel reviews to the hottest bars and shopping hubs. The LUXE City Guides is a must-give, too.

Make sure your globetrotter gets to relax during journeys. Plank’s photo-print yoga mats with outlandish designs of snake on the grass and spilled capsules on the floor allow your traveller to meditate (on the meaning and purpose of the designs, perhaps?) and relax.

Nothing beats the high of travelling and being able to brag about it immediately. Nikon Cool Pix S51c lets your globetrotter instantly share his or her holiday highlights by automatically uploading his pictures to a Flickr account or sending them to a specific email address. Need more reasons for snagging this gadget? It does eight megapixels and has internal image stabilization, which produces focused images even if your explorer is on the move.

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