Christmas Gifts for the Funnyman

His jokes made you roll on the floor laughing, his hilarious punch lines cheered you up, and his wild antics drove you crazy. Now that it’s Christmas, it’s your turn to make the funnymen double-up with laughter at these presents.

Freudian Slippers. Your funnyman won’t need to visit the shrink with these Freud-inspired slippers. Cute and funky, the slippers treat the funnymen to the ultimate foot therapy session. A slight toe movement makes Freud’s tongue wiggle, which is probably your funnyman’s kind of amusement.

My Secret: A PostSecret Book. Nothing beats the kick out of discovering the strangest secrets of various people. And your funnyman gets to indulge in such juicy titbits in this book which compiles anonymous people’s postcards of secrets. Whether your funnyman’s craving for something gross, hilarious, dark, or twisted, he can get it here.

Mortified: The Big Book of Angst (Real Words. Real People. Real Pathetic). Teenagers are probably the only groups of people cursed with awkward yet side-splitting (at least for others) moments. Such moments are recorded in this extraordinary book, which is based on David Nadelberg’s show Mortified. From teeners’ first kiss tales to their prom disasters, your funnyman will surely be entertained with this extraordinary read.

Granny Racers. Give your funnyman a different source of amusement with these track racing grannies. Two grannies in wheelchairs with individual speed controllers race against each other in a track with a nail-biting crossover. Perfect for comic bums.

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