Christmas Gifts for Teens

Get the boys a Flowboard Alternative Skateboard and they’ll be cruising the concrete with silly grins on their faces. The ride has a surfing and snowboarding sensation worth all the inevitable scrapes and skinned knees. Don’t forget the pads and the helmet!

Bring out the inner artist with the Diana Camera by Lomography. These give shots a soft, surreal effect that can actually enhance the depth and meaning of the pictures. Lomography photos also display “super-saturated colors, unpredictable blurring, and random contrast.”

No girl is too old to enjoy dolls. Momiji Friendship Dolls possess the typical Japanese blend of funky and cute. These are colourful squat figures in traditional costumes, and you can insert a secret message inside. Get Pixie, who has a weakness for tea; Silly Billy who likes fresh air; and Giggles who fancies jam tarts. For toys girls can cuddle, get the award-winning Uglydolls plushies, loveable monsters with distinct personalities. They’ll adore hugging Chuckanucka the worrywart, Poe the dragon, or Puglee the brain.

Perfume for Christmas? Why not, when the Demeter Fragrance Library offers you the scents you’ve always secretly loved all bottled up? Pick a scent like Birthday Cake, Condensed Milk, Play-Doh, Laundromat, or Snow.

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