Christmas Gifts for Officemates

You can’t not give them anything for the holidays – you see them five days a week! Here are a few ideas for the boss, the overachiever, the slacker, the resident gossip, or just your average office buddy.

Drop a hint on whoever shares your cubicle. The Animal Mini Tabletop Vacuum, in cow and pig varieties, keeps things from looking like a zoo at the press of a button. Powered by two AA batteries, it swoops on dust and crumbs with no mercy. It serves well as a paperweight, too.

Possibly the coolest thing you can ever give this Christmas is a Mimobot designer USB flash drive. One-eyed monsters, blunt-toothed Draculas, and angry Rastafarians are just some of the designs. These don’t just serve their purpose, but are collectibles too… only a few of each model are made. The Happy Tree Friends and Star Wars editions are pretty popular.

Is the potted plant by the corner wilting again? Spruce up the workspace with Christmas Nyokki Grass Pets instead. No need for green thumbs; these adorable ceramics shaped like cracked eggs with legs sticking out are filled with grass seeds which grow easily. The weeds serve as “hair” to match the gingerbread man, snowman, and Santa Claus faces of the pets.

If you don’t want to buy a gift for every single person on your floor, buy one for the entire group instead! The Sanctuary charging station can power up as many as 12 gadgets at a time, whether they be music players, cameras, or mobile phones. That way you’ll stop tripping over that snarl of wires on the floor, too.

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