Christmas Gifts for Musicians

They might not have chart-topping hits, gorgeous groupies, or world tours, but, hey, they can carry a tune, dish out killer riffs, and play a mean set at parties. This Christmas, surprise your friends with these gift suggestions for the musically-inclined.

For the one with the voice and the attitude to rival any diva’s, the Griffin iKaraoke is the perfect present. The technology keeps the background music and removes the vocals to make room for her solo. Just connect this mic to the iPod for hours of singing enjoyment, and it sure beats using hairbrush.

Music Lust: Recommended Listening For Every Mood, Moment, And Reason is great reading material. It compiles all the right music for working out, road trips, funerals… the list goes on. This reference can come in real handy while updating iPods, preparing for house parties, and trying to get to sleep.

Listen to the Beatles, the Monkees, the Eagles, the Yardbirds, the Animals, and other music classics with the Ion Audio USB Turntable, which converts vinyl tracks into MP3 and CD formats.

For sharing music with the rest of the world, give them the Brookstone Wireless Outdoor Speaker, with its 150-foot broadcast range that can locate the music player through walls and other barriers.

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