Christmas Gifts for Mom

She tucked you in bed at night, held your hand during tooth extractions, and comforted you after your first heartbreak. Show mom how much you love her by putting these presents under the tree for her.

  • Fun aprons. Spice up your mom’s cooking time with these fun aprons! Available in nine designs including cupcakes, snowflakes, and leopard print, these chic aprons let your mom romp in and out of the kitchen. An ultimate fashion accessory, the aprons can be easily tied and adjusted to the neck and waist.
  • Personalised photo carved night light. Wish mom sweet dreams by giving her this unique night light, crafted from Mom’s favourite picture. Whether it’s your baby photograph, family print, or Mom’s glamour shot, the picture is carved and assembled into a night light. This is available in different frames and sizes at various corresponding prices.
  • SafeDrive Keychain Breathalyzer. This keychain keeps mom safe by telling her if she’s sober or not enough to drive after a hard night of partying. Five different coloured lights indicate the person’s blood’s alcohol content; green means it’s very safe for your mom to drive, while dark red means you’d better pick her up and bring her home yourself. This keychain uses MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) gas sensor technology and is powered by one AAA battery.
  • Interesting read. Let mom enjoy her idle and alone time in the house by giving her an interesting book. How to Stay Humble When You’re Smarter than Everybody Else by Ben Goode will not only keep your mom occupied but tickled with funny facts as well.
  • USB Heated Shawl/Lap Blanket. Is mom always complaining about the freezing temperature in the office? Keep her warm with this extraordinary shawl/blanket. Mom just needs to plug this to the USB port of her office computer or laptop and it will instantly heat up to give her the warmth she needs. It can be used as a shawl, with buttons to hold it in place, or a blanket for legs and back.

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