Christmas Gifts for Metrosexuals

He dresses well, smells good, and wears his hair as slick as his attitude. Whether he’s your boyfriend, your brother, or -- heaven forbid -- your father, here’s how to keep him looking prettier than you.

Keep his cheeks perfect for planting one on with the Fogless Shaving Mirror with long-lasting LED lighting, a razor holder, a clock, and of course, a “specially coated” mirror to keep that handsome face free of cuts and stubble.

“The Evolution of Men's Grooming” has arrived with Baxter of California, and its shaving products are just the thing to go with the fogless shaving mirror. The Shaving 1.2.3 kit contains the Super Close Shave Formula, a Pure Badger Hair Shave Brush, and an After Shave Balm which moisturises skin. Throw in the Razor Bump Repair gel to relieve any nicks and cuts.

To keep his ‘do from looking like a “don’t,” give him the Clean Hold Styling Gel from Kiehl's Stylist Series. This allows him to style his hair without the greasy feel. If he has shorter locks, get the Malleable Molding Paste instead. The end result? A shiny, healthy mane that stays in place for a long time.

Is he crazy for clean? Get him the Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer and he’ll be flashing those pearly whites at you in no time. This germ-killer can zap all nasties in just seven minutes. just stick the toothbrush in this egg-shaped gadget and presto! It’s almost like he bought a new toothbrush, except the bristles are all askew. Choose from among green, orange, blue, and white.

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