Christmas Gifts for Him and Her

GAh, lovebirds. Who says Valentine has exclusive rights to romance? Christmas offers its own dose of sweetness. Check out these gifts for your special someone.

Chrome Bedroom Dice. One die has actions (“lick,” for example) etched on it, while the other has body parts (“naughty bits,” for example). The couple takes turns rolling a combination, and does what is said to the other. Monopoly was never this fun.

Tokens of My Affection. This set of ten metal tokens is engraved with such words as “massage,” “wish,” and “hug.” They can use the “love” token, which is “good for all my love,” or the “kiss” token, which is “good for one kiss.” There’s no telling where, though.

Romantic Magnetic Poetry Kit. Who needs to quote Neruda when they can “Leave romantic messages on the fridge” instead? Mix and match small metal chips carved with such words as “bouquet,” “rhythm,” “diamond,” “sky,” and “pleasure.” (Suffixes included.) They can be as cheesy as they want and be reminded to pick up the groceries at the same time!

Deluxe Bed of Roses Kit. We’ve seen it on RnB videos, heard it in songs, and apparently, nothing says “let’s get it on” better… in a subtle way of course. (Except maybe Marvin Gaye in the background.) Massage oil, bubble bath, and the most crucial part of the package, rose petals, are enclosed in this “array of amore.”

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